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Vengala Digital Private Limited

VengalaRummy is an Indian Rummy which is operated by Vengala Digital Private Limited for all rummy enthusiasts, offering multiple online rummy variants with the added guarantee of safety, security, and fair play. Indian Rummy is interesting and challenging. It requires skill, use of memory and complete focus and involvement in the game. Combination of tradition and modernity VengalaRummy is based on the traditional rummy game which was originated in India even played by Kings and Queens in the ancient times. It has been a part of people's lifestyle since then. Technology has enabled players to adapt this game in a modern context and made it more flexible and easier. Play with Friends VengalaRummy is the most thrilling card game for your Android devices with Millions of real Players and friends. Each table Serves upto 5 players online so Invite your facebook Friends & Family to play. Realistic experience VengalaRummy will let multiple players compete with each other at the same time. The attributes of this game make it enjoyable at every level, unlike the traditional card game, this game lets you enjoy without any involvement of money. At the same time, it gives you the same thrill you get through the real card game. Try out your luck on our Deluxe VengalaRummy! In short, you'll love this game as it is the top online free rummy game. Cool Game Features - Play online with your friends and online users. - User Friendly Graphical User Interface. - Smoothly works on 2G, 3G and WiFi connections. - Easy to play and understand - Less traffic usage